Drive belts

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  1. Drive belt 043 Eco BD52-2183
  2. Drive belt Aixam 042 Eco BD52-2179
  3. Drive belt 041 Eco BD52-2177
  4. Drive belt 033 Eco B3211AA1096
  5. Drive belt 027 Eco B3221AA1116
  6. Drive belt 044 ECO Aixam BD52-2172
  7. Drive belt Aixam 3HP23 B1211AA1096
  8. Drive belt 046 eco Canta BD52-2181S
  9. Drive belt 028 Eco B3211AA1141
  10. Drive belt 040 Eco BD52-2167
  11. Drive belt 0134026 BD52-2167
  12. Drive belt Aixam 3ARP023 AD52-2172-S
  13. Drive belt EPCOUR040 BD52-2167
  14. Drive belt EPCOUR033 B3211AA1096
  15. Drive belt 029 Eco B3221AA1181
  16. Drive belt EPCOUR029 B3211AA1181
  17. Drive belt 026 Eco Ligier Nova B3211AA1078
  18. Drive belt EPCOUR026 Ligier Nova B3211AA1078
  19. Drive belt EPCOUR044 Aixam BD52-2172
  20. Drive belt EPCOUR043 BD52-2183
  21. Drive belt EPCOUR042 3MDP23A
  22. Drive belt EPCOUR 041 BD52-2177
  23. Drive belt 038 Eco Aixam MEGA B3211AA0957
  24. Drive belt EPCOUR037 Aixam MEGA B3211AA0957
  25. Drive belt 038 ECO Aixam B3211AA1103
  26. Drive belt EPCOUR 038 Aixam B3211AA1103
  27. Drive belt EPCOUR 021 B1211AA1022
  28. Drive belt EPCOUR 028 B3211AA1141
  29. Drive belt EPCOUR 024 ERAD
  30. Drive belt 022 ECO Aixam B1211AA1096
  31. Drive belt EPCOUR 022 Aixam B1211AA1096
  32. Drive belt EPCOUR 027 B3221AA1116
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The drive belt, also called driving belt, is an important part of the variomatic transmission system on the moped car. It ensures the power transfer between the engine pulley and the gearbox pulley. This action causes the drive belt to wear out and must be replaced. This also applies to the wear parts in the vario itself, such as the weight holders, carbon shoes or plastic bearings. At Minicar-Parts you can buy original, imitation and EPCOUR drive belts from for example the brands Aixam, Microcar or Ligier.