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  1. Air filter Kubota Aixam Z482 HIFI
  2. Air filter Aixam Kubota HIFI
  3. Oilfilter Lombardini 502 Progress
  4. Oil filter Lombardini DCI
  5. Air filter Lombardini / Yanmar
  6. Air filter Aixam Kubota
  7. Oil filter Lombardini DCI
  8. Air filter Kubota Aixam Z482
  9. Oil filter Lombardini 502 progress
  10. Filter package Aixam Kubota Sensation / Emotion
  11. Filter package Aixam Kubota 1997-2018 + 2 Liter engine oil
  12. Filter package Lombardini DCI + 2 Liter engine oil
  13. Filter package Yanmar 1 + 2 Liter engine oil
  14. Filter package Lombardini DCI
  15. Filter package Aixam Kubota 1997-2018
  16. Filter package Aixam Kubota 1997-2004
  17. Filter package Lombardini 3
  18. Fuel filter Lombardini DCI
  19. Fuel filter Lombardini 502 Progress
  20. Air filter Lombardini / Yanmar
  21. Oil filter Aixam Kubota
  22. Fuel filter Lombardini DCI
  23. Fuel filter Lombardini 442 / 492 DCI
  24. Fuel filter Yanmar
  25. Fuel filter Aixam Kubota (2nd model)
  26. Fuel filter Aixam Kubota (1st model)
  27. Fuel pipe filter Lombardini DCI
  28. Fuel filter Lombardini 502 Progress
  29. Oil filter Aixam Kubota
  30. Oil filter Yanmar / Mitsubishi
  31. Air filter Yanmar
  32. Air filter Lombardini 502 Progress
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The moped has 3 types of filters to prevent the engine from becoming dirty: the oil and fuel filter and the air filter. The oil filter ensures that the oil in the engine is filtered, the fuel filter filters the diesel coming from the fuel tank and the air filter filters the air drawn in from the engine. Without these filters, the engine becomes contaminated and can be damaged or start to run less well. Minicar-Parts has original filters from Lombardini, Yanmar, Kubota and Mitsubishi and imitation filters from the top brand HIFI. We also sell packages containing all filters with optional Eurol engine oil.