Floor mats

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  1. Floor mat set Aixam
  2. Vloermattenset JDM Aloës / Roxsy
  3. Floor mat set Ligier / Microcar
  4. Floor mat set Aixam 2020
  5. Floor mat set Microcar MGO1 and MGO2
  6. Floor mats set Aixam 2005-2008
  7. Floor mat set Microcar MGO1 / MGO2
  8. Mattenset Aixam 2010-2016
  9. Floor mat set Ligier X-Too / Max / R / S / RS
  10. Floor mats set Ligier IXO / Microcar
  11. Floor mats set Chatenet CH26
  12. Floor mat set Aixam 2005 / 2008
  13. Floor mat set Aixam 1997-2004
  14. Floor mats set Aixam 2010-2016
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The floor well trim in a mopedcar have a protective and graceful function. The carpeting that is under the foot well set is not easy to replace. Each brand and model has its own size foot well trim sets. The sets are subject to wear and if you want to keep your moped car tidy, you can easily replace it yourself. At Minicar-Parts you can buy both imitation and original mat sets from all brands such as Ligier, Microcar and Aixam.